vrijdag 10 juli 2009

Design art

I did some quick sketches in the train regarding the mechanics and look and expression of the characters. I'm not the concept artist but since Anna is doing most of the modelling now I figured it was a good idea to give a clear image of what I envision for the final game.

Just some sketches of the turtle grabbing on to different objects and the path they follow.

2 elements are depicted here. On the top you see a level background that has 2 versions. One clean and one poluted. Maybe we can let the background slowly changes opacity's when it is in the area of pollution?

At the bottom right is a simple image of the shark and how he could bite the turtle when he has had enough of the turtle hanging behand him. He would have to turn his body somehow?

Different shark types we could chose and the turtle loses his head when they touch a shark.

The retraction(defending) system. The idea is that the turtle retreats in it's shell with only it's eyes looking out. So the fins and tail go in the shell as well. If this is hard to with 3d we do it with illustrator. I suspect that we do need to grant the player some movement in the shell (but slow) otherwise the pollution might catch up too fast.

Some other shark designs. We want it too look fairly mean but not monsterlike.

I figure something of a surfer pose when the turtle hangs on to things. Not really sure how yet though we have to play around with that.

A speedboat from the bottom (left) and next to it a speedboat from the side. The important thing here is that the speedboat is angled up slightly (cause of it's speedy travelling over the waves). It's important that the engine at the back is clearly visible so the player knows he should watch out for it. Also at the bottom of the boat is a fin. This is important cause we need a object on the boat that the player can grab on to.

On the top is a bit of a movement path of the player. Think of this as a flow line with the dots representing a slow motion (swimming and defending). The straight lines are boost periods when the player grabs on to something. As you can see it's hard to depict the flow of the game as of yet but I'm trying:P.

Lemme know what you all think ^^.

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