maandag 13 juli 2009

Monday production day

Today was all about production and play testing. When we started this morning we already had a playable game, which was great to see ( I wasn't working on the project on saturday).The prototype Daniel had made was transformed into the first playable version of the game. The enemies were represented by placeholder art. There was still a lot to be done, but the game was really coming together.

Capture of the game with placeholde art

After a short morning meeting with all the teams, we continued working on the game. One of the major things we had to do was change the placeholder art with the final art, which is made by Anna. the turtle was first. perhaps this is also a good venue to go into more detail about the features of the turtle and it's enemies.
The turtle the games main character. The turtle is threatend by the black cloud of poison that is slowly creeping forward. If the turtle is completely submerged in the poison it will die. To prevend this from happening the turtle has a very cool feature. he can extend it's neck and grab on to passing enemies to speed away from the poisoness cloud.The fish is the weakest enemy of the turtle and is in fact not really an enemy. The fish swims a little faster then the turtle so it can help you get away from the poisoness cloud. But because the fish come from within the poisoness cloud they will die after a short time after which the turtle has to grab another enemy to move forward.The shark is the biggest thread to our poor turtle. The shark is never in a good mood and when it smells the turtle it will come to it with it's mouth open ready to bite. When the shark passes the turtle and sees the poisoness cloud it will turn back. This is the moment the turtle can grab the shark and speed away. After a while the shark will notice the turtle and will try to bite it.

The boat is the fastest enemy and beacaus of that also the hardest to grab. when the turtle grabs on to the boat it's body will slowly move up coming closer and closer to the boats propellor. you have to release before you come to close or the turtle will lose it's head.

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