zondag 12 juli 2009

Digital prototype

On friday we started to work on the digital prototype, but not before we got some tips from a former student of the HKU who is specialised in prototyping. He gave us the tip to hack a prototype together as fast as we could and work from there. Because we have three programmers in the team we decided that Daniel would create a playable prototype ASAP, while the Marries and I started with the base implementation of the game.

Picture of the prototype Daniel made. the re cloud in the left is the toxic Thread which is slowly moving forward. The blue block is the turtle, the head of the turtle can extend.

While we were programming Anna and Thomas started on the game Art. Thomas made the placeholder art for the prototype and Anna started on the art for the final game. Joerie continued to work on the game and level design (he also made some art, see an earlier post). Because we were all working hard to startup the development phase of the project so this is a short post. Pictures and video's of the game will come in later posts.

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